Thursday, January 15, 2015

Facts About a Writer of Fiction

Well I'm a mystery to many! I know I keep to myself a lot, but I really am personable if you give me a chance =) If you don't know me well, here's an introduction:

About my writing:
I write contemporary romance with a huge helping of sexy. I have a great sense of humor, so I like to add that in a lot of my stories too. I also have some romantic suspense thrown into the mix, which also contains a lot of sexiness and humor. Most of my work consists of full-length novels (100k+ words) because I'm big on character development. I like show what a character is like through both their actions and dialogue. Readers that like to hurry from one book to another have a hard time reading lengthier stories like that, but I'd suggest reading mine anyway because I feel they will hold your attention. I mix a variety of elements into my stories which tend to offer something for everyone. Mainly I'm kind of all over the map myself and have a variety of interests in my own life. I like sharing my experiences this way and add them to my fictional stories when I can!

About me:
I live in the Northwest in Washington State
But I would love to live somewhere sunnier!
I love to travel but hate flying
I'm a sports and music junkie
I do not like feet. Unless they are on a baby. And I like my own. Good thing they are cute because I would probably shun and despise myself.
I'm a very proud and blessed mommy
I have a dog, two cats, and a ferret
I have a very long bucket list
The Golden Rule is an essential part of my life
I hate stereotypes and labels
I like gardening. Yep. Flowers rock! (and I've been known to make a few bridal bouquets and adorn the rest of a wedding party too)
The world would be a much happier place if people didn't judge or gossip about one another
I'm addicted to sugar and have to avoid it (but you can bribe me with candy or cherry Pepsi)
I like intelligent people. Not necessarily book smart peeps, but compassionate-smart people
I'm kinda tech-savvy
I'm a pretty good photographer
Been playing the piano since I was 10 years old. Sheet music makes for a good bribe, too.
I can strum a few tunes on the guitar =)
I've danced for most of my life and love to choreograph
Now and then I design sets for plays and dance productions. Yeah, I'm a bit artsy
Surfing is fascinating, along with motorcycles and muscle cars :)
I have an anxiety disorder that is extremely annoying. I'm a very laid back and easy going person, but bam, something will trigger an anxiety attack. 90% of the time I can manage it naturally, but at night it's more difficult.
I'm a good listener and pretty objective if you want my advice. Years of being a youth and adult counselor have polished me this way, and years of mentoring families of ill children in cancer units.
I love baseball. It's my favorite sport to watch. My team is the Washington Nationals (and for those of you that are NOT baseball literate, that's in D.C.) Football is a close second. Go Seahawks! Any other sporting event, sure. I like it all. But most of my spectating time is spent on those two!
I play a lot of indoor co-ed soccer. It's kinda brutal sometimes. Almost like rugby!
I have a degree in business management but almost went to college on a sports scholarship. I blew my knee out my senior year, though. The offer was still there for me after rehab, but psychologically...I just wasn't ready yet. I turned it down.

And big surprise, I love to write! So that's what I did instead, and I will probably always write. It's an outlet for me, but I've also connected with so many amazing people in the last couple of years. Despite some unfortunate struggles in my life, I am very grateful for so many things right now. And the reader community especially. You guys have made such a difference in my life I just can't even explain how much it has meant to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3