KISS THIS- bonus chapter

***recommended that you do NOT read this if you haven't read Kiss This***

 I originally had this in the book but removed it to save on length. I'm not sure if removing it was the right thing to do or not since there are readers that still complain about the length of the book (it's 388 pages for heaven's sake! it's called an ADULT novel lol). But here it is for those of you that care! 

Okay, let me set this scene up for you. When Teague met Camryn's uncle at his gym (his little impromptu MMA tangle with James) they were in Fresno for a friend's wedding. They were staying with Camryn's Uncle Tim that night, and then the wedding was the next day. This starts at Tim's house while they're getting ready for the wedding.....


Seeing Teague in a suit and tie was beyond Camryn’s imagination. Well she’d imagined it all right, but to actually see him straighten his tie in the bathroom mirror when she came into the bedroom, took her breath away. He looked sexy as hell with his dark hair peaked into a fauxhawk on the top of his head, and added with the light dusting of stubble that she loved, he was absolutely drool worthy.
“Oh my heavens,” she barely whispered.
She’d startled him because he hadn’t heard her enter the room in her bare feet, but when he saw her completely made over for the wedding, his jaw dropped and he had to hang on to the bathroom counter. “Holy shit, what did she do to you?”
“Wow, thanks Teague,” she replied dryly.
He laughed and shook his head. “No I mean…” He walked towards her, looking her over from head to purple toenails. She was wearing a light purple dress that stopped just above her knees. The waistband was a darker satin and it tied at the side with a decorative flower. His eyes settled on the curls that fell over her spaghetti-strapped shoulders. She had on more makeup than usual, but it was her long blonde hair that he was always obsessed with. He took a curl in his fingers and then met her eyes. “You look stunning. And I don’t even think I’ve ever used that word in my entire life.”
She smiled and flattened her hands against the lapels of his suit jacket. “Thank you. So do you. I’m having a hard time deciding which is a sexier look on you: naked or dressed to the nines. Is this Armani?”
She hadn’t noticed that he slipped a strap off her shoulders until he said, “You had me at naked.”
“Stop,” she swatted his hand away with a laugh.
“You’re right, you look too hot dressed like that. Come here, I can work around the clothes.”
She gave him a watchful eye but realized he was serious. Hell, all it took was for him to kiss her and she was over the cliff. He led her over to the door to lock it as he continued to own her lips, and then his hand slid up her skirt to manage the pair of panties she had on.
Then there was a pounding at the door and Camryn jumped from the interruption. “Let’s go, guys!” Melanie’s voice chirped. “Cam?”
Teague groaned quietly as he nuzzled Camryn’s neck. “If you don’t tell her you need ten more minutes, I’m gonna give a you a massive hickey,” he whispered.
“You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed.
“Camryn, Tim’s in the SUV waiting for us! Is Teague in there with you?” she practically accused. “Teague if you mess up my sister’s hair and makeup I will kill you! That took me forty-five minutes!”
“I won’t mess up her hair but I might rip her dress,” he shot back.
“Teague!” she yelled, pounding on the door. “We have to be there early to help out!”
Camryn sighed but decided to crack the door open. “Chill out, I’m coming, okay?”
“What are you guys doing in there?” Melanie asked with narrowed eyes.
“What do you think we’re doing?” she replied, shutting the door again.
“I’m coming! Just get in the Tahoe!” She turned to Teague and said, “You see how much trouble you are?”
Me? You’re the one that looks so goddamn edible in that dress. And you helped put together all the flowers last night for the wedding, wasn’t that enough?”
“No,” she smiled, wrapping her arms around him again. “I need to finish the job by adorning the wedding party with them today.”
“Hmm.” He watched Camryn grab the pair of open-toed heels from the bed and slide them on. “And how did you learn to do that kind of stuff? Making bouquets and corsages and all that shit.”
Only Teague would call beautiful floral art “shit”, and she laughed. “Well, I helped do them for my mom’s wedding first. And I guess I kind of liked it, so I’ve done it a few times since. And I love flowers,” she winked at him.
He smiled, proud of himself for making her happy any time he gave them to her. “Hey, I have something for you,” Teague said as they were about to leave.
“You do?” she smiled.
“Mmhmm.” He walked over to his bag that was next to the dresser and fished through the inside pocket. Finding the box, he slid it out and hid it inside his jacket so she couldn’t see. When he turned around, she was studying his actions with her eyebrows raised. “It’s hard finding something that’s good enough for you,” he said, walking towards her. “I mean something that I think is good enough for you. Finally I just gave up and picked the ugliest piece of shit I could find so I didn’t have to worry about it.”
She laughed, even though she had no idea what he was talking about. “Teague, I would love anything from you.”
“You weren’t too keen on my Christmas present to you,” he cocked an eyebrow.
Laughing again she shook her head. “I actually was. I mean, your phone number? You can't get more unique than that. I really was impressed, I was just…being difficult.”
With a tilt of his head he narrowed his eyes. “Hmm, not much has changed.” She didn’t disagree, so he pulled out the long box and said, “Well, I love you, and I wanted to get you something to show you how happy I was that you moved in with me.”
“Moving in with you was enough of a gift to me, Teague. I’m so happy that I did.”
“Me too, but I guess this is a ‘just because’ gift, then.”
He cracked open the box and Camryn’s hand immediately closed over her mouth. “Oh my God,” she mumbled. “That is…That is…”
She could only stare at the diamond bracelet, so Teague removed it and tossed the case on the bed. “Is it okay?” he asked. He took her wrist and gently placed the bracelet around it. After clasping it, he held her hand to examine it and then kissed her palm. “It looks as good on you as I imagined.”
“Teague, that is so beautiful,” she finally whispered, touching the intricate design with a finger. “But it’s…too much, I—”
“No it’s not, so please accept it as a gift from me because I wanted so badly for you to have this.”
“But—I don’t—I just… I’ve never been given something like this. I don’t know what else to say except thank you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. “I love you,” she said quietly against his neck. “Thank you for always making me feel special, Teague.”
“You’re welcome,” he tried to say calmly. In reality, he was trying not to feel like a conceited ass by wanting to jump up and down and fist pump for how happy he’d made her.
A horn honked and they both smiled at each other.
“Well, guess that’s the final call,” he said. He grabbed Camryn’s sweater from the bed and took her hand. “Okay, let’s get through this day so I can take you home and make love to you wearing only that bracelet.”

 “I thought you were going to take me home for this,” Camryn said breathlessly. She moaned when Teague’s mouth left hers and kissed her neck.
“There’s a voice that keeps telling me not to wait,” he barely replied. He slid his hand up her skirt to deal with the panty barrier, so Camryn began undoing his pants.
“A voice, huh? Your dick speaks to you like that?”
He laughed and had to try hard to keep it quiet. This closet, or whatever the hell it was, was right around the corner from the catering kitchen. There were people constantly walking by and they could hear every voice that spoke.
“Yes, it does,” he answered. “But this time it was my heart speaking to me.”
“Oh good lord, Teague. You’re already about to screw me in a supply closet. You can save the charming words for another time.”
“Okay,” he smiled, as his pants were slid to his thighs.
She had his tie in her fist so tightly he didn’t think he’d be able to pull away even if he wanted to. He hitched her legs around him as she unleashed his raging hard on—the one she so wickedly started to cultivate by whispering dirty things to him while they danced. He had rushed to get her out of the reception hall before he sported major wood.
He slid inside of her wet heat with a low groan and Camryn’s legs squeezed harder. This is what he wanted to do to her in the bedroom earlier, but Teague decided he could definitely work with the change of plans.
“Harder,” she whispered to him.
He obliged, releasing soft responses from her each time he thrust into her. The cleaning equipment hanging on the walls started to shake, and a minute later, a roll of paper towels fell off a shelf. “This room will look like a tornado hit,” he mused in between grunts. He was getting close and slowed down for a second. “Wait, you’re still consistent with birth control right? Maybe I should put on a—”
“Uhhhhhh,” she groaned, and he picked up the pace again. Pleasure rippled through her in pulses, and when Teague let himself go and released soon after, they remained standing in the same position for another minute until they could both catch their breath.
Camryn had been squeezing his hips so tightly, her legs barely held her up when he gently set her down. She held onto his neck for a while longer until she could get her strength back.
“So, uh, what was your name again, baby?” Teague joked in a soft voice as they put themselves back together.
“Trixie,” she answered, biting back a smile. She batted her eyelashes at him and asked, “And yours?”
He leaned forward and quietly replied, “I’m a dirty bastard, and you’ll never see me again. Won’t matter what my name is, it’ll only break your heart when you moan it every night.”
She wasn’t sure how she held in her laughter, but she did. “Too bad I’m meeting up with Silvio next. Now that is a name I like to scream out loud even when I'm alone. Silvi-oooooooo,” she mock yelled. “Silvi-o-o-oh my God… And then I can practically feel him and I—”
Teague clamped his hand over her mouth and lifted a brow. In the dim light of the closet she could see the depths of his Caribbean eyes storming with emotion when he smiled. “You really hit where it counts, beautiful.”
He pulled his hand away and kissed her sweetly, and after a minute of gentle lip nipping and tongue tangling, they quietly slipped out of the room. As they came around the corner, there was only one catering employee in the hallway. He was walking opposite them as he looked them both over. Then he cracked a smile and motioned for Teague to wipe the lipstick off his mouth. Teague did, and then bumped fists with the guy on their way by each other.
Teague couldn’t hide the Cheshire smile that spread over his face, and Camryn backhanded him in the chest with a laugh.

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