Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teaser from "TAME THIS"

This is a conversation between Teague and Jay. Beware of the McCallan mouth on these boys =)

“You should just be more careful about who you hook up with,” Teague said.
“You’re one to talk,” Jay retorted. “Hello Kate?”
Teague looked at him hard. “Exactly, asshole. I’m speaking from experience. I met a lying bitch of a schemer and was totally fucked over by her. I don’t want that shit to happen to you, Jay. Just take the damn advice and think about it, okay? You have these pissed off exes and wannabe stalkers that—”
“Hey, I don’t have ‘exes’,” Jay corrected him.
“Fine, women that you’ve pissed off with your charming personality.”
“Why is it that they get pissed off in the first place? How more honest can I get than ‘this is only a one-night thing, sweetheart’. They willingly agree, so why does there have to be fucking hurt feelings over it?”
“You ever think that women may not ‘really’ fully agree with you?”
Jay laughed sarcastically. “How is it my fault if they say one thing but mean another?”
“I’m not saying it’s anyone’s fault, just that some girls view that stuff differently than guys. Not all of them are okay with being used like that, even though they may think they will be. Sometimes it’s just a hope that they’ll be that one girl that will make some dumbass like you see the light.”
“Where the hell do you get your information?” Jay laughed again. “You been reading fashion magazines or something?”
“It’s called talking to my wife, dipshit. And she and her sister talk about stuff like that all the damn time. Welcome to the world of being around women and actually listening to what they say.”
“Welcome to the world of being pussified overnight,” Jay countered with a smirk.

Teague laughed but shook his head. “Whatever. I’m just thinking about you, man. That’s all. I’m a happily married man and don’t have to worry about getting to know a different woman every week.”
“That’s why I don’t bother,” Jay shot back with a smile. “The disclaimer comes the second they want to sleep with me.”
“Noted. But that’s where you get yourself in trouble. I’m just saying…”
“Okay, we need to stop talking about this. Obviously you being married has changed our conversations somewhat.”
“Maybe so, because it’s made me wiser.”
“Wiser, huh?” Jay chuckled. “I think you left your balls at home, buddy. With your wife.”
“Fuck you,” Teague laughed as he shoved him hard.
“Ooh, we getting a second wind?” Jay taunted, shoving him back. “Come on, Nancy. What you got?”
“An ass kicking if you’re ready for it.”
“Bring it, motherfucker,” Jay motioned as he prepared himself defensively. “I bet you don’t even have one clean move left in you.”
“You’re asking for trouble,” Teague smiled at him.
“Camryn teach you any good moves lately?”
“Ha, very funny. I’m sure she could cage you pretty good. You’re all arrogance and no smarts. I know this from experience.”
“Ah, good one, Hollywood. How come I’ve owned you plenty of times on the mat?”
“Fine. Let’s see you take me down one time.”
“Just once. I fucking dare you,” Teague challenged smugly. 

Copyright Hadley Quinn, September 2013


  1. Agh I loved Kiss this- the whitty banter, playfulness , strong funny female and male characters were just what I was looking for...I don't know how the hell I missed this one until now as I'm on soooo many blogs on FB but really this moved to my top 10 and that says a shit ton cause I read ALOT! Like 3-7 books a damn girl be proud- I loved it- you knocked this one out of the park and would have left this on FB but it wouldn't let me comment:( can't wait for Jays book and a little mor Teague and Cam!

    1. How come it wouldn't let you comment on facebook? But THANK YOU so much, I'm very honored that you enjoyed it =)