Saturday, August 15, 2015

STOP the obsession !!

Back in May, I published a book titled "Maybe This." It was book 4 in a five-book standalone series, and it was one of my favorites to write because of the subject matter it contained. The series is about a Hollywood family, the McCallans, who don't exactly want to be in the public's eye. As I'm working on the final book, I've been re-reading the series so I'm able to tie every end just right for the conclusion of the series. I happened to read my own acknowledgements at the end of the book, which weren't exactly your normal "thank yous" and such. However, the message still rings true today and I feel that it always will. I'll leave it here, word for word like it is in the book, and hope that it serves as a reminder that everyone on this earth is equal. Who we choose to idolize is a personal choice, but I just ask that you re-evaulate your time and spend it on those people and causes that are worthy of your efforts <3 

From the Author:

My heart is a bit full as I write this. With the impact of the internet and the excessive amount of time people spend on social media, lately I’ve witnessed so much self-deprecation than I ever want to see. There is something that concerns me a great deal, and that is the adoration of public figures to the extent that some individuals spend hours a day tracking them and obsessing over them. Sure it is fun to keep up with those we find interesting, but when so much of your life is spent on a cyber fascination, how much of your own life are you missing out on? There seems to be an epidemic of envy, self-doubt, depression, and unhappiness and it hurts me to see this.
The internet is not all bad. There are so many enjoyable, educational aspects of it, and many people that are great examples to look up to. But moderation is key here. It’s so easy to get caught up in a virtual reality that we neglect the things right in front of us. Love your own life, don’t love someone else’s. Be supportive of the people you enjoy interacting with on social media, but don’t try to live their life with them. You’re meant to travel your own path, not someone else’s. Many of the figures that are deemed to be upper crust are really no different than any of us. Do not envy them and do not bring yourself down because you feel you cannot live up to standards that are not meant for you. Learn from social media, take what you need to better yourself, but make your own mark.
I know this book is about a Hollywood family, but I truly feel that there are many layers of this story that are relatable to all of us. Whether we are on one end or the other, never forget that you are one person amongst a world of billions; never forget that another person’s feelings and self-worth are just as important as yours. No matter your “status” in life, you are just as valuable as the person next to you.
DON’T EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and if they happen to be that brazen and ignorant, remember this: “Chin up, shoulders back, wipe those tears and get back on track. Smile, wave and wink with class. Then tell them all to kiss your ass.”
Thank you to those of you that support and encourage me. I can only hope that I am doing the same for you.


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